Dear Everyone....

It is with great regret and concern for the safety and well-being of ALL involved that Falkirk BluesClub is still closed until further notice. This is due to the on-going worldwide health crisis.

The current situation will be regularly monitored and reviewed by us with a view to a return to all regular musical activities as soon as is safe for the audience, musicians and staff alike.

We are still around, and can easily be reached through our Facebook page.

Until we all meet in person again, we at FBC wish you the best of health in these continuing extraordinary times.

And.......................we'd like to announce this:


FBC's first Online Live Show !

As part of the Falkirk Tryst Festival (online) 2021





   Tommy Bentz solo live


                         Wisconsin USA

            Sunday 1st August 8pm (UK time)

                  (live free FaceBook stream)

Details follow...

Tommy will stream the live show from his home in Wisconsin USA at 8pm Uk time this coming Sunday. It will be streamed live on FaceBook and can be seen on the Facebook pages of:

Falkirk Blues Club

Tommy Bentz Band


Falkirk Arts Network

If you enjoy the show please consider donating to Tommy at:

It will be the closing event of The Falkirk Tryst Festival 2021 (online)

....and we will be back.

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