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Dear Everyone....

Because of the situation we're all STILL dealing with,

we STILL can't bring you this:

But we can bring you a taste of what it would have been.

As part of the 2020 Falkirk Tryst Festival Online the FaceBook pages of Falkirk BluesClub and Falkirk Arts Network (FAN) will show a little of the 'Kings of the Blues' show accompanied and introduced by Derek Smith of Mainstreet Blues. This attempt (as it's not an exact science and relies on technology) will be made at 8pm tomorrow night (14th May) at what would have been showtime at Falkirk Town Hall. This page of our site will show a highlight reel in the days to follow. We hope to bring Mainstreet Blues to Falkirk Town Hall for next year's Tryst Festival to complete a booking which by then will have been in our diaries for a year and a half.


Until we meet again - here are some selections from the 'Kings' show...

....and we will be back.